E-Mail Your Legislators

There are many ways you, as a clergy member, can stand up and make your voice heard regarding state immigration legislation.  One of the best ways to make an impact is to email your state legislators and let them know you support legislation that lifts up, not dehumanizes, our immigrant brothers and sisters – whether documented or undocumented.

E-Mail your representative now to make sure you’re included in the conversation.  Please also call your state representative and ask him or her to vote against hurtful immigration legislation.  If you need your representative’s contact information, click here.

Call to Action

I am writing to you as a person of faith to express my concern for immigrants in this country and specifically those in our state. I believe all people, regardless of citizenship status, are made in the "image of God" and deserving of respect.

Immigration is a deeply relevant issue for Tennesseans and all people of faith: our traditions are clear in their call to care for the marginalized, to extend grace, and to welcome the stranger among us. Because of this, I am troubled by efforts in our state legislature that introduce punitive legislation to deal with the number of undocumented immigrants within our state. These bills have been ill-conceived and financially unsustainable, and are discriminatory proposals that do nothing to make our state safer and instead institutionalize discrimination against entire communities.

I urge you, as my state legislator, to keep Tennessee a welcoming place by adopting humane policies that address the root causes of immigration issues rather than ostracize our immigrant brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your leadership to our state. As always, you are in our prayers.

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